The teaching of Maths throughout the school follows an activity based approach with a particular emphasis on mental maths and problem solving. The school takes part in Maths Week every year and all teachers focus on everyday maths and use the environment to bring maths into the classroom. The S.E.N. team support mainstream teachers through in-class support and team teaching. The specific teaching of the language of maths follows the school plan and children are given strategies to problem solve and use technology to enhance their learning.

Digital learning

Our digital learning plan was reviewed in January and we strive to embed digital technologies within learning, teaching and assessment. The B.O.M. are committed to improving all pupil’s access to digital technologies and have recently purchased 4 state of the Art interactive panels to complement our suite of 26 I-pads and are in the process of purchasing more I-pads and digital resources. Every class has modern audio visual and ICT technologies: Our aim is that teachers will design at least one literacy or numeracy learning activity per week to foster active engagement in attaining appropriate learning outcomes. Digital Safety is of vital importance and this year we focussed on teaching all pupils about being safe online in January.


The 5th Class of Newcestown Primary School participated in a 5 week climate action Programme in May and June of 2022. The programme, called Climate-in-a-Box, was developed by Cork-based STEAM Education and sponsored by the Environmental Research Institute at UCC. It was delivered by Paul Bolger and 5th class teacher Luke Meade. The programme encompassed a hands-on introduction to climate change, and focused on the part that the students can play in providing solutions to climate change as individuals, within their school and communities. It used arts, science and engineering to engage the children in contributing their ideas towards a greener future. The programme will provide a catalyst for environmental focused activities and lessons when the children move into 6th  class next year.