The school is committed to the holistic development of each pupil and to each child’s safety and welfare. The staff conducted a review of our S.P.H.E. policy with 2 teachers leading the process and attending well-being and mental health in-service on an on-going basis. The parent body contribute to Yoga lessons which every child attends, the use of check-in circles, zones of regulation and mindfulness is encouraged in every class.
Our Well-Being targets for last year were to achieve an Active flag and to become a Health Promoting School. Both of these objectives were achieved through strong teacher leadership and an active pupil committee which really contributed to Active Schools Week.


Every month, our school has a whole school assembly which focuses on our ethos as a Catholic school. We endeavour to promote positive behaviour and teach specific values of respect, kindness, and responsibility during assembly.
We encourage all classes to participate and share any of their achievements. We celebrate birthdays and any other happy occasions.
Our Friendship Week assembly is a very important finale to a wonderful week where we focus on anti-bullying strategies by pairing up younger and older classes to enjoy a host of activities. Parents are invited and listen to every class sharing what they did to promote friendship throughout the school.
Our school choir contributes greatly to every school assembly.