Active Schools

About the Active School Flag Project
The Active School Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative which recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community, by awarding them with an Active School Flag (ASF).
To learn more about the Active School Flag Initiative, visit their website.

Physical Education
Our Physical Education Curriculum is divided into six strands.

Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure Activities, Aquatics.

Each year we aim to cover five of these strands comprehensively.

Whilst the class teacher is responsible for delivering the overall Physical Education programme, from time to time we engage outside expertise to help us in this process.

Physical Activity
Our playground leaders help the infants to get active every Wednesday at break time.

A huge thanks to Charlie Wilson and Newcestown GAA for our hurling every Friday.

Active Schools Week 2019
The students on our Active School Committee organised games and competitions for lunch breaks. There was skipping, penalties, welly throwing, bean bag throwing and many more fun games.