Active Schools

About the Active School Flag Project
The Active School Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative, which recognises schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community, by awarding them with an Active School Flag (ASF). 

We were delighted to achieve our first Active School Flag in 2019. We continue to promote physical activity each year following the Active Schools programme. We encourage our pupils, staff and whole school community to stay active, exercise and take care of our bodies and minds. visit their website.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education Curriculum is divided into six strands- Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Aquatics. 

Each year we aim to cover at least five of these strands comprehensively. 


All pupils in our school are provided with 60 minutes timetabled PE per week. Our school PE programme allocates a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the different PE strands. 

Physical Activity

Our school provides twice-daily playground breaks for all classes. Children enjoy playing together and are encouraged to play active games, which include running. The children also enjoy playing sports at break times, we have goalposts available in our playing field and basketball hoops in our yard.  

Our school has created an Active School WALKWAY route, which we use to promote physical activity and cross-curricular learning. Pupils and staff are encouraged to ‘Do Your Talking While Your Walking!’ 

 Every class completes an extended classroom-based physical activity break on the days when children are unable to play outdoors – Go Noodle dances, exercises etc.  

Physical movement breaks are also promoted throughout the day to help keep our bodies active and focus the mind for learning. 

 Every class takes part in a Walking/Running Challenge each year. The pupils and teachers walk/run around the walking track at least once a day for 4 weeks. 

 Our school also incorporates physical activity into annual calendar events throughout the school year e.g. St. Patrick’s Day céilí, summer sports day etc. 


We have a wonderful relationship with all community groups in our surrounding locality.  

A group of volunteers from the G.A.A. club train pupils from 1st to 6th during the school year with support from past pupils in their T.Y. year. This culminates in an Annual blitz involving classes from 3rd to 6th, which is enjoyed by all in the school community. The senior end of the school also take part in indoor hurling and football competitions and the annual Sciath na Scol. 

The school also participates in local Basketball tournaments, Cork City Sports and link with Bandon Athletics Club to take part in their annual Cross Country event. 

The 6th class take lessons in pitch and putt with the help of volunteers from our village Pitch and Putt Club and pupils from 2nd to 6th participate in swimming lessons in Bishopstown. 

We also work in conjunction with Bandon Rugby Club who send trainers to teach movement and ball skills to pupils from 2nd class up.  

The whole school also enjoy a term of weekly yoga classes with a local yoga teacher.  

Active Schools 

 Each year our Active Schools Committee with help from their teachers plan and run an Active Schools Week. During this week, the whole school community is encouraged to be as active as possible. The pupils are also given active homework during this week. This is a very enjoyable week for all of our school and everyone loves having fun keeping active and fit.  

 We usually start every morning with Wake Up, Shake Up-students from 5th and 6th class lead a short fitness/dance session for the whole school. Throughout the week, we have Drop Everything and Dance, obstacle courses, PE stations, nature/ friendship walks, buddy PE lessons and many other fun activities.  

 Active Schools Week April 2024 

 This year for Active Schools Week the children enjoyed Wake Up Shake Up every morning. Classes took part in an active walkway challenge where they had to complete exercises at stations along the walk and keep an eye out for some running rabbits along the way! Every class was treated to a taster session in Taekwondo which they all thoroughly enjoyed. Children were taught about self defence and control. Buddy classes had great fun doing PE with each other and we had a fun filled Wednesday where the teachers ran stations based on the Fundamental Movement Skills. The classes had lots of fun playing games while also working on their fundamental movement skills. We had so much fun being fit and active! 

 The students on our Active School Committee organised games and competitions for lunch breaks. There was skipping, penalties, welly throwing, bean bag throwing and many more fun games.