We marked Science Week 2022 from Monday 14th to Friday 18th November.

The children learned to code using Bee Bots and explored problem solving using IZAK9 cubes.

There was also a variety of STEM activities investigated and explored in each class.

  • Junior Infants made houses for the Three Little Pigs and tested to see which material was the strongest.
  • Senior Infants built an animal enclosure for their animals and teddies.
  • Rang a hAon made lovely lava lamps.
  • Rang a Dó constructed volcanos and watched them erupt.
  • Rang a Trí investigated the Rainbow Walking Water experiment.
  • Rang a Ceathair designed and are currently making Ferris wheels.
  • Rang a Cúig studied animal adaptations and designed and made their own animals and habitats using clay and paint.
  • Rang a Sé studied the circulatory system and completed experiments based on this. They also researched rainforests using the iPads.