The parent-led Science and Nature Club ran again over February and March for 3rd and 4th class. Studies have shown that introducing science in a fun way early in education can leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s opening up their curiosity or increasing their appreciation for the natural world around them, the kids are given hands-on experience of a diverse range of topics – all delivered capably by parents who share a passion for these subjects.

This years’ experiments occasionally created a mess (glitter can do that!) or raised a stink (who knew milk could produce so many by-products?). We studied the science of flying, where we learned how to aviate, navigate and communicate. Of course garden birds make flying look easy, so we studied them also! To round it all off, the club visited MTU’s Blackrock Observatory for a fun morning learning about our Solar System.

Many thanks to our parent presenters who made this happen this year (Paul Bouchier, Conor O’Neill, Colette Evans and Helena Lucot). Special thanks to Paul Bolger (the club founder) who presented with his sons Samuel and Aidan this year. Paul is taking a step back, but we’re confident that his vision will live on for many years to come.