Our school has just received the good news that we have been awarded a S.F.I. Discover Science and Maths Award for 2019-2020.
This was one of our targets in our School Improvement Plan for last year. Thanks to Mrs. Coote, our Science co-ordinator who compiled our log of evidence which provided examples of the children’s engagement in STEM throughout the year.
This is what the Science Foundation of Ireland had to say:
Congratulations! You are well deserving of the Plaque of Stem for the wonderful inspiring work you have carried out in science, engineering, technology and maths during the year. The steps are clearly labelled with really bright colourful supporting photographs of learners engaging with their subject while having fun. The range of activities that the school took part in is amazing and it is obviously a hub of stem learning. The visit to an SFI centre, the engineer coming into the class, the work you continued to do through technology during the lockdown added greatly to the experience of the learners. I was fascinated by the polar bear designed to survive in the desert. What an approach to introducing animal adaptations! Well done to all the school community. You should consider applying for the Badge of Excellence next time.

Many thanks to the teaching staff who engaged with the S.F.I. in training workshops after school and whose dedication brought about this achievement!
We will continue to focus on the teaching of STEM this year, with a particular focus on technology .
Miss Hourihane will be stepping into Mrs. Coote’s shoes to lead this initiative this year.

Many congratulations to the pupils from 3rd class who received their First Holy Communion last Saturday, Oct. 3rd. The boys received the sacrament in Newcestown at 10.30 with the girls receiving at 12.30 in Farnivane.
The sun shone for all the families and I hope it continues to do so throughout their lives!
The boys and girls from our 6th class last year received the sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, September 26th. There were two beautiful ceremonies for the boys and girls and the whole school community wishes them well on their journey through secondary school and beyond.
Many thanks to Fr. Bernard, Miss O’Driscoll and all class teachers who made these ceremonies so special for everyone involved.