Last week our school celebrated Catholic Schools Week. Like with everything since last March, we had to do this differently .
The theme for Catholic Schools Week was a very telling one in the light of Covid 19: Catholic Schools are communities of faith and resilience.
We all need faith and resilience to get through these tough times and on Wednesday the focus was on Grandparents.
Normally , Grandparents’ Day would be celebrated by the whole school going to mass and inviting Grandparents to attend.
This year, the teachers came up with novel ways in which to link in with their beloved Grandparents.
The infant classes were encouraged to facetime their grandparents and have a chat with them.
Other classes, including 1st and 3rd, designed cards and uploaded these on video so that the teachers could see them.
The pupils from 2nd class created acrostic poems for their grandparents which you can see on our facebook page.
4th class were encouraged to send in photos of their grandparents which Mr. Horgan will make into a video collage for you to admire!
The senior classes interviewed their grandparents and wrote Gratitude prayers with a focus on resilience in the community and frontline workers who are the real heroes at this time.