Agreed Report : Board of Management Meeting Dec.2020
Covid Response Plan
The board are happy that the plan is working well: the allocated zones in the yard help to keep all classes in their bubble and the extra tarmac and fencing is proving invaluable at playtime.
The board wishes to acknowledge the wonderful co-operation of parents in helping to keep the school Covid free.
Digital Update
The Board of Management ratified the following policies:
Acceptable Use Policy: Children’s use of Technology
Digital Learning Plan
Remote Learning Plan
These policies will be published on our website.
To increase our digital capacity, the board sanctioned the purchase of 10 more I-pads : this will add to our suite of 26 I-pads and it will enable every student to engage digitally, at least on a twice weekly basis.
School Improvement
The board ratified the updated School Improvement Plan. This will seek to embed last year’s School Self-Evaluation focus.
There will be a continued focus on wellbeing: An Amber flag team will be set up from 6th class to lead mental health initiatives including hosting a Mental Health Awareness Day and organizing a fundraiser for Pieta House.
The Active Schools team will focus on making physical activity fun for all the school.
Achieving the S.F.I. award last year was a fantastic achievement for pupils and teachers. This year our targets are for every class to engage in 6 hands -on STEM projects throughout the year and to make the teaching and learning of STEM as active and as engaging as possible!
The updated plan will be published on our website in January.
The board welcomes Eimear Hellen O’Donovan to our dedicated S.E.N. team. Many congratulations to Aine Coote on the birth of baby Sarah.
Thanks to the Rugby Munster Council for sending the wonderful rugby coach Santiago back to the school . Santiago is currently coaching 4th, 5th and 6th classes.
The board wishes to also thank the G.A.A. for sending us Paudie Crowley to train all classes in Sept. and October.
Parent’s Association
The Parent’s Association paid for the installation of a new storage container to the side of the school: this has been an invaluable asset especially during these times: thanks to all involved.
Multi-Sensory Room
The board are happy that the installation of the Multi-Sensory room will take place this month: this will be a wonderful resource for children with sensory needs.
The chairperson wishes to sympathise sincerely with the Callanan family on the loss of Kevin: a great friend of the school. Also to the Long and O’Sullivan family on the loss of Norma, and to Cal Hayes and his family on the loss of Patricia. We would also like to extend our sympathy to the Buckley family on the loss of their mother and grandmother Sheila. May they rest in peace.
Tree of Hope
The school community will decorate a tree of hope in the village in the coming days. You are invited to stop and read the uplifting messages from the children.